Repairing, Refinishing & Recoating

Patching and Repairs

At Sharp-Edge we provide our clients with a full-scale service to repair/replace damaged hardwood floors. We enjoy the challenges that are posed in this type of work and ensure our quality standards remain the same as a newly installed floor. We will carefully order the proper material and custom match stain/finish to achieve the desired look. Whether you’ve moved an interior wall, had extensive water damage or dropped the frying pan we can fix your wood floor and make it look new again!

We also repair loose/noisy planks with a specially formulated adhesive that is inserted through a small hole at the surface of the board. During the installation process the structural integrity of a board may be damaged and therefore fails by becoming loose. Our simple process may be able to remedy your situation(s).



With ample experience we provide a free in home consultation to help prepare our clients and their homes for a complete refinish. After a brief walk through we are able to point out areas of concern, prepare a timeline, and allow extensive time for questions to be answered.


At Sharp-Edge our goal is to complete our projects in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality. With the use of “dustless” equipment we are able to perform our work in the cleanliest of environments. We carefully prepare the home for the refinishing process by slowly removing baseboards/shoe, polying off the work zone, and timing the finish process around our client’s busy schedules. We also spend extra time sanding in hard-to-reach spaces ensuring a flawless appearance.


With the use of only high-end commercial grade finishes we meet and exceed our customers expectations for durability and longevity of their newly refinished hardwood floors. All projects are sealed with custom products designed for your flooring specie, and then top coated with 2 coats of commercial grade finish. We also use only “Greengaurd” indoor air quality certified finishes to protect your family from harmful “VOC’s”. Our finishing system is the only hardwood floor finishing system in the industry that is “Greenguard” certified for indoor air quality.


  • There are deep gauges or scratches
  • There is cupping or crowning
  • Finish is worn, faded, or failed (example: peeling)
  • Damage due to humidity or water
  • Want to change appearance (example: add stain/distress)


We know hardwood floors are an expensive investment; therefore our commitment to making your floor last doesn’t stop when it’s finished. By lightly prepping/sanding your wood floor we can remove minor imperfections in the finish and help restore your floors natural beauty for a small cost.

Not all floors are candidates for recoating and it is essential for a qualified professional to visit and test your hardwood floor for compatibility. Our technologically advanced finishes provide the ultimate in durability, outperforming any finish in the industry.

By simply following our floor care section (link) you can help maintain your new/current wood floors finish for future cosmetic finishing.


  • High traffic areas loose sheen
  • Light scratches become persistent
  • Want to increase durability/longevity of floor
We also offer a new dustless recoating system for your existing hardwood floors! This new system involves no heavy equipment and will work on virtually any type of wood floor.

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